Our Vision

Particles is a community of builders, designers, and artists with the shared mission of uplifting art on Solana. Owning a Particles NFT represents shared ownership in the Particles Art Gallery and grants holders the ability to collect from a curated selection of high performing art. Staking your Particles NFT earns 10 $OOO (One of One) tokens per day which can be used to redeem art from a curated art index powered by Bridgesplit technology. Together, Particles is a powerful force of nature re-shaping the art world piece by piece.

Congratulations! You've made it to the digital renaissance.

If you are a Particles NFT holder, we are excited and honored to be building this future alongside you. Make sure to verify your NFT with Matrica in order to gain access to all channels in the server.

Continue reading the information below to learn more about Particles, our future plans, and the talented artists that call this discord server their home. Be sure sure to check out our TIMELINE to see what we've already accomplished.

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PARTICLES BRING talented creatives & builders together